Valligatla Reddappa, is an Indian politician, businessman, industrialist and social reformer who has been working for the upliftment and political mobilization of the Bahujans, the backward or lower caste people including untouchable groups at the bottom of the caste system in India. He is the National President of the BC Party, and Convener of BC JAC, Founder of Rastriya Bahujan Sangh.

Reddappa fought for social justice, reservations in schools and colleges along with scholarships for poor students to pursue education in junior, degree and university colleges. He has been organizing mass movements at Grass root level in India to unite Bahujans.

He contested as an MLA Candidate in Nandyala by elections 2017 on the Behalf of Rajyadhikara Party to show the strength of BC, SC, ST, Minority communities. He worked as working president of Rajyadhikara party.

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